Created in 1992 in the Mediterranean city of Thessaloniki in Greece, Double Outfitters has successfully created a strong and reliable brand name domestically, with multiple sales points throughout the country and a strong reputation regarding its designs and quality. Our vision and mission have always been (and continue to be to this day) to create stylish, fashionable and easy-to-wear quality clothing for the modern man, regardless of age and body type (S-9XL).

For our designs we draw inspiration from our surroundings in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, where the urban lifestyle meets the sea and the wind, blending a lively, sporty, young and active atmosphere with laid back vibes. We want our collections to represent exactly this philosophy. Hence, we provide a total man’s look (from swimwear, shorts and pants to jackets, shirts, accessories and more..) that can satisfy various tastes and needs and can fit into multiple lifestyles (Business casual, sporty, classic, every day casual, streetwear).